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PC Cleaner Support Desk
Please see FAQ below to help you get your questions and problems resolved. Still have problems, submit a support ticket below to one of our support specialist directly.
  After cleaning and repairs why do I still have PC issues?

Sometimes you have a PC issue that only a technician can fix.  If you believe you have a PC issue that the software is not addressing, we will be happy to have one of our Microsoft certified technicians to do a remote session to diagnose and fix your PC issues.

Do not worry this is safe and secured connection and our technician will first let you know the exact problem before fixing the issue.

Please go to 
http://www.pc-cleaners.com/new-remote-support2.php to get started. We are open 24 hours 7 days a week.

This support service is offered 100% free to all PC Cleaner customers.



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We created a great resource center online to you stay safe and to keep your PC running smooth. It a free resource center. Click here to learn more.

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